Seniors’ parking rights are being infringed upon

by Truman Ross, Opinion

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It has come to my attention (and to many other seniors as well) that there are some, how should I put this, perpetrators, if you will, at Spring Lake High School. These perpetrators have committed crimes far more foul than launching carrots at lunch, lining up at the door before the bell, and texting in class…combined! These perpetrators are underclassmen– and they are parking in the senior parking lot.

The class of 2017 toed the line all the way up to senior year. Not once in all of my three previous years at high school did I notice one of my fellow classmates parking in the angelic front row.  We were kind and courteous to our seniors, as we knew that one day we, too, would enjoy the benefits of being able to walk half the distance we usually would have. The fact that the sophomores and juniors have the audacity to park where we do simply infuriates me. We did our time; they need to do theirs.

It is not simply the fact that I have to walk a couple of extra minutes. It is the aforementioned principle. Because of this, there should be consequences. The fine for underclassmen parking in the senior lot should be equal to that of any of us parking in the aquatic center, and that is a detention. Every morning, Deputy Smoes and Mr. Fitzpatrick watch the aquatic center lot like hawks, carefully stalking to catch anyone who attempts to park there, and writing them a detention. One of them could easily do the same in our senior lot, picking off anyone without the grey senior parking pass.

I do not know whether these heinous acts are a conscious act of revenge, or simply absent minded underclassmen who think that they are too cool for school. However, it does not matter. It simply needs to be put to a stop. Preferably, if not sooner, I would like it to be stopped before the weather turns cold and it is below freezing temperatures when we walk inside for school in the morning. That is when the senior lot has the greatest value. Until then, I call upon the present administration to put the pressure on these underclassmen offenders. Is nothing sacred any more?

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Seniors’ parking rights are being infringed upon