Seniors take Powderpuff in close game

by Bella Goldberg, Features

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The final hoorah for seniors. The first time the juniors get to step up and play ball. Crowds were roaring. Juniors were praying that tonight would be the night the senior winning streak would end. Seniors looking to win before they EX17. Two tough teams, one unforgettable night.

ppuff-cheerThe seniors prevailed in the annual Powderpuff showdown, winning 35-21. This was probably not a surprise to most, seeing as the seniors win every year, but this year there was a fair game. The seniors had some key players on the offense that, without them, would have made the game a whole lot closer. Kiara Stevenson definitely did her part by scoring two touchdowns in the first half, one of which was on a 50-yard run. Along with Stevenson’s heroics, Sophie Winn helped out with a 5-yard pass giving the seniors a strong start to their game. The juniors fought back with one touchdown in the first half by Emily Batts, her first of two that night.

When asked about what she thought was the best part the team was, Carly DeMarse, Junior quarterback, said, “I think that the best part of the team was our enthusiasm to keep playing hard. Also, I think our offense and defense played strong.”

Senior Skyler Gilchrist was asked what her favorite part of her final Laker Powderpuff game was. “My favorite part of our senior Powderpuff was the unity our grade showed. We were able to come together and achieve something as a whole; that’s actually my favorite part of senior year too. Just how much everyone has come together and how much closer things such as Powderpuff bring us.”

Second half and the chants are being yelled. Senior defense lines up with juniors staring them in the face. The whistle blows and Emily Batts gets the ball from the QB, scoring on a 65 yard run. The senior defense scrambled to catch her, but the damage had been done. The touchdown cut the score to 21- 14. The juniors were getting pumped, but seniors weren’t quite ready to give up just yet.

Skyler Gilchrist was waiting for her opportunity to score when finally she got the ball. “ Making the 99-yard touchdown was awesome! It was extremely exhilarating and fun. I wanted a touchdown so bad, so when I had the opportunity I just ran,” the senior said. “It felt really good to know all the running I do on my own every day paid off for something.”

The crowd was roaring and the seniors were boasting. Time was running out if the juniors were going to try to take the lead.  Then, out of the blue, Alexia TenBrink got the ball and made a run for the end zone, tightening the score. Turn over to the seniors and the fight is on. Reiko Johnson added the final touchdown for the seniors to put the game out of reach.

Junior Carly DeMarse asked this of next years’ seniors: “I want to say that for those that didn’t play this year, you should next year. It’s very fun and you don’t have to be crazy athletic to play. It’s about the experience and to have fun while trying to beat the class rivals.”

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Seniors take Powderpuff in close game