Alex Webster showcases talent at GH Art Walk

by Jillian Schnurstein, Features

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Some of you might only know Alex Webster as the daughter of our eccentric Spanish teacher, Mr. Webster. It turns out she is a very skilled artist, and if you have not seen any of her work, then you are seriously missing out.

Alex has pretty much taught herself for years and this has resulted in inspiring talent that is improving with every sketch. Alex’s interest in art started at a young age. Alex said, “My grandma was an artist and would share her work with me which I always loved.” This interest developed into an avid hobby and adoration eventually advancing into great talent that has landed her three admission acceptances into The Art Walk in Grand Haven.

Alex’s art work ranges from very detailed, almost life like, pencil sketches to beautiful and vibrant watercolor paintings. When asked about her favorite medium, Alex was adamant about using a pencil to sketch as being her most desired artistic style, which is also the most prevalent on her instagram page. With regards to where she draws inspiration she said, “I like to sketch actors and actresses from my favorite shows because I love the plot and the characters.” The sketched characters are from shows like Teen Wolf, Once Upon A Time, and the Star Wars movies. Her interest in these characters is probably why her pieces come out so precise and detailed.

Webster also shared that she likes to draw anything that catches her eye or looks cool. She’s not closed off to any one category, which results in a very diverse artwork portfolio. Most people get jealous of naturally gifted artists, and when looking at Alex’s work it’s easy to assume she’s just born with the talent, but it turns out she’s been practicing since the eighth grade.

Laughing she expressed, “I’m way better now than when I first started drawing.” It turns out there’s hope for the rest of us wishing we had some artistic talent, but it’s going to take time and practice. Alex already has put in the time and is definitely reaping the benefits. The parting question for Miss Webster was if she had any advice for aspiring artists, to which she responded, “It’s important to post and share your work. I have an Instagram account where I post most of my pieces. People leave comments and advice on ways to improve and it’s really helped me.”

If you happen to have any free time you should definitely go to The Art Walk in Grand Haven to take a look at all the artwork being shown. While you’re there be sure to stop at the Loutit District Library and check out all the great pieces…and vote for Alex’s sketch that’s being shown there. You definitely won’t be sorry that you did, and it’s also important to support our fellow Laker who achieved so much with her incredible talent.

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Alex Webster showcases talent at GH Art Walk