Pokemon Go craze beginning to fade

by Allie Sepulveda, Features

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Pokemon Go is the app that took the world by storm. Originally thought to be a game only for the biggest of Pokemon fans, it was downloaded over one hundred million times in July alone.

After its release on July 6, 2016, it became the number one app in the U.S. in just thirteen hours. Many news stories featured Pokemon Go users finding dead bodies, falling off cliffs, and playing while sitting in the front row at a Beyonce concert. What is it about this game that has players going crazy?

The app is a virtual reality game where the user can find Pokemon in the real world. When a Pokemon spawns nearby, the user’s phone buzzes, revealing a digital monster on the phone screen. The user then taps the creature, opening a screen where you can “throw” a pokeball at your target. If you hit it, the Pokemon gets trapped inside the ball and is added to your collection.

If you miss, the Pokemon may run away, forcing you to miss out on that catch. The game has caused a lot of stress for some people, mainly due to the fact that the app can glitch and cause people to not get the Pokemon they rightfully hit. Still, Pokemon Go is a fun game for all ages.

Though the game continues to be a success, is it dying out? A study by Axiom Capital Management shows that the number of users playing the app daily is declining almost as fast as it increased.

In a world where people can get information at the snap of a finger (or a few clicks on a keyboard), entertainment needs to be constantly updated to keep interest high. Nintendo just isn’t doing that. With constant glitches, server crashes, and updates that aren’t working, many people have given up on the game that they once loved.

Crazy stories are waning, and the hype is ending. That doesn’t mean people aren’t still playing, of course. It just means that people are moving on to the next big thing. It happens with everything that becomes popular. Hunger Games, Candy Crush, they all went through it.

Pokemon Go is just one of many that is nearing the end of its cycle. Soon, it’ll all be forgotten. Pokemon will once again be a thing of the past. That is, until Nintendo creates actual Pokemon. Until then, we wait.

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Pokemon Go craze beginning to fade