Spring Lake High School celebrates Homecoming 2016

by Joe Negen, News

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Spring Lake’s Homecoming Court walked along the track this Friday, September 30, at halftime of the football game. There were five senior boys and five senior girls in addition to one boy and girl from each other grade represented. Representing the freshmen were Kyle Coon and Kendel Bolema. The sophomore representatives were Cameron Peel and Taylor Colquitt. The junior class was represented by Kayla Billingsley and Jacob Vandermeulen.

Five boys were chosen by the senior class to be the members of the homecoming. They have a variety of backgrounds and extracurricular activities that they participate in. Zach Bandstra is a saxophone section leader with the Spring Lake marching band and a member of the boys’ cross country team. Drew Cather is a member of Spring Lake’s football team and helped lead them to a victory on homecoming night. Aaron Clark is also a member of the Laker football team that won on Friday night. Calvin Frifeldt is a representative on the student council and plays lacrosse for Spring Lake. Finally, Isaac Thornsen is also a member of the Laker marching band as well as a participant in the theatre department.

There were also five Laker girls chosen to be on the homecoming court. Taylor Klein is a member of the Spring Lake golf team that has won back-to-back state titles. Macie Kosch is a cheerleader, lacrosse player, and member of Interact. Rebecca Rush is a member of the girls’ soccer team in the spring. Ashleigh Higgs is a member of Spring Lake’s vocal ensemble, and will be portraying Susan in this fall’s production of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Ana West is also a member of the swim team and Laker marching band.

The two members of the senior court who were crowned King and Queen were Isaac Thornsen and Ana West, respectively. When asked how it felt to be chosen as the Homecoming King Isaac said, “I was very surprised!” He added that, “It’s a great experience to be appreciated by your fellow classmates.”

The following night the Homecoming Dance took place, and was open to all current SLHS students. The directions were put up by the Student Council and were some of the best in recent memory. A central dance floor was surrounded by Christmas lights that emitted a warm glow over the dance floor.

The DJ, unfortunately was not, in many students’ opinions, up to par. There were grumblings about the obscurity of songs played, as well as the remixing of songs that had no business being remixed. One particularly egregious example is the popular song “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap. The original recording has a strong bass line that makes it easy and fun to dance to; however, the version played was barely recognizable as the same song. Regardless of this, the dance was enjoyed by all present.

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Spring Lake High School celebrates Homecoming 2016