International travel safe despite recent attacks

by Truman Ross, Opinion

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With last week’s attack on Brussels, Belgium, and the recent ISIS inspired attacks in Paris, California, and all over the world, many are questioning whether world travel is any longer safe.

Sure, airlines ensure our safety with premier levels of security and first class screening. But Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium, it’s the capital of the European Union. One would think that especially in these times of extremism that a man with intentions of causing harm would not even be able to make it past the gates.

Nonetheless, a memo from the TSA was released earlier this year claiming that the TSA was going to heavily increase random screening and double down on security. This Spring Break, millions of Americans will be waiting in customs lines to go across international borders. With all of these factors coming into play, will it be safe to travel this Spring Break?

This year’s senior trip is abroad to the Dominican Republic.  Spring Lake senior Austin Detwiler, asked if he felt safe crossing borders, said, “Yes. The reason being is I traveled home from my extended stay in Europe over the Fourth of July, and the security was top notch. They questioned me just as much as everyone else, and I am White American. The percentage of something going wrong is very low. I feel completely comfortable and have faith in the TSA and national security.”

Spring Lake sophomore Coco Mckeough, added, “In all honesty, I think it depends on the place where you’ll be traveling. In my international traveling experience, I think that customs is a very rough and enduring process for the right reasons. It makes traveling safe, and ensures the safety of United States residence.”

Clearly the consensus is that despite the armed conflict in the Middle East and rising tensions in Europe, Lakers feel safe to travel this spring, whether it be to Mexico, Europe, Central America, or the Far East. Though airports may be on high alert during the vacation season, the nuisance will be worth the added sense of security.

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International travel safe despite recent attacks